The Family Society of the Descendants of Lovisa Maria Hjelm

Welcome to our Family Society! Lovisa Maria Hjelm (1754-1850) is our common ancestor. She was married twice and had  14 children, whereof 9 became adult. The family society was founded in 1954. Today, the descendants are spread all over the world.

Family meetings.

Join the Family Society

If you are a descendant of Lovisa Maria Hjelm, you are welcome to join the family society. The fee for three years 2013-2015 is SEK 400,- (approx. €46,- or US$ 65,-).

Please send an e-mail to Göran Carlander with your name, address and other personal details.

Payment details.

Please make a transfer of above mentioned fee to the bank account of the family society:

Account holder:
Slaektfoereningen Lovisa Maria Hjelms aettlingar,
c/o Goran Carlander,
Ronnebygatan 12,
S-371 32 Karlskrona

Bank address:
Swedbank AB
Box 311,
S-371 25 Karlskrona

IBAN: SE50 8000 0816 9592 3369 2418

Contact information

For more information about the society, please contact the chairman Anders Holm, Capellavägen 4, 181 32 Lidingö, tel. +46-87 67 60 57.

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  1. Johanne Jackson skriver:

    My name is Johanne Jackson. I am the daughter of Andrea Jacqueline Craig. I currently live in Australia and I am the 13th generation after Lovisa. I am one of three grand-daughters descending from Mary Elaine Craig(Johanssen). I have researched the genealogy from our family history and have created my own hard copy of the same ’family tree’ in which the children and I often read and talk about. We would like to join the family society as my children Madison(age 11) and Ryan(age 15) are very intrigued in our ancestry and would love the opportunity to visit Sweden and learn of our heritage. To one day visit Sweden would be a dream come true. We look forward to hearing from you and staying in touch. Regards Johanna, Ryan and Madison.

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