History of the Family Society

In the end of the 19th century, Fingal Theodor Billbergh (grandson of Lovisa Maria Hjelm) published a family book ”Skånska slägten Billberg” (The Scanian family Billberg), in which there was a impressive family tree of the descendants of Lovisa Maria Hjelm. In the 1950th, the psychiatrist Pehr Henrik Törngren, started to compile information for a new family book. During the work, the idea of a family society rose.

The first reunion 1954

On the 200th birthday of Lovisa Maria Hjelm, Nov 11th, 1954, there was a reunion in Stockholm with 227 participants. During the reunion the family society ”Släktföreningen Lovisa Maria Hjelms ättlingar” was founded. There was also a decision to produce a family book.

The Family Book

The family book was almost compiled, when Pehr Henrik Törngren died in 1965. Finally, the family book edited by Gerhard Bendz, Beatrice von Hofsten and Bengt O. T. Sjögren. The family book was printed in 1971.


Since 1971 the family society is publishing a news bulletin ”Hjelmaren”. From the beginning, ”Hjelmaren” mainly reported new family events, but since 1980 the bulletin also includs short article about more or less famous descendants.

Since 1982 Hjelmaren is published twice yearly. The editors has been 1971-1981 Bengt O.T. Sjögren, Göteborg, 1982-1989 Claes von Hofsten, 1990-1994 Vibeke Carlander, 1995-2007 Olof Cronberg and from 2008 Dag Kihlblom.

The reunions

At present, we have a family reunion every third year. Last reunion was in 2010 at Ryfors outside Jönköping.


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